Veggie Illustrations Commission

These were commissions I did a couple months back for Healthy Choice, a restaurant located in Kelapa Gading specializing in organic food. They wanted some sketchy-styled illustrations of vegetables and their benefits to be hanged on the restaurant wall. It was my first ever time to make illustration for interior decor purpose, so I'm excited to do it.

It was simple illustrations. However, due the size dimension and my stupid-slower-than-snail macbook, it took lots of efforts to get it done. Just to open the each files took almost 1 hour, saving it cost even more times. My once-beloved-laptop finally stressed me out, really. But I enjoyed it. I think it was worth all the wasting sleep-time effort when I saw the three of them decorating the green-themed restaurant's wall.


Many thanks for Tessa who was very patient working with me, and Andina who introducing this chance :D


  1. akhirnya pake resolusi 200dpi udah cukup kok, soalnya yg 300dpi malah bikin hang kompie gwa, dan ngak pernah bisa ke burn dengan baik dan benar T^T

  2. ukuran? gwa ngak ngitung pixelnya, tapi yg dua pertama skitar 80 x 60 cm, yg trakhir kira2 90 x 42 cm.

    resolusinya 200dpi.