Commission WIP : Fairytale-themed Lingerie

Actually, the works are all done.
However, my commissioner asked me to postponing to submit them to any online media until September. I said no problem, but I asked if I was permit to post the WIP sketch only to my blog, she doesn't seems to mind.

The concept is quite simple. My commissioner has a series of lingerie based on popular fairytales like Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Rapunzel, and she wants me to draw three illustrations based on the said clothing. Semi-real with fairytale atmosphere, and bitchy facial expression :D

So here they are..
Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rapunzel.. All in their nasty and bitchy side (rawr).
Sexy, no?

Sketch done with Paint Tool SAI, coloring done with Photoshop CS3. (Finally I was able to use my winning Wacom Intuos as graphic tool, not just a mouse-substitute :P )

Picture (c) Mira Tazkia, 2010.

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