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Traces of Love

(c) Mira Tazkia, 2010.

Some doodle I did to boost my mood after work, and to practicing my rusted skill.

Cliche title I know.. but actually the inspiration was coming from my current condition. My eyes got infected by some virus, so it was red and bloating all over, especially my right eye. I must wear sunglasses to hide it and to prevent it spreading to my office mates (and they tease me a lot for it T^T). It's getting better, but it hurts and so ugly I wish I could live-photoshoped my eyes to make it go. T^T


(c) Mira Tazkia, 2010.

KPop is getting me! X3
It was the hot items in my office, and it spreading like virus! Though mostly just SNSD hahaha.. We are proud SoNE! :D :D :D

But this pic was inspired by Super Junior's image in Sorry Sorry MV they made in 2009. I was late, I know.. but really.. the song was catchy and brainwashing, awesome video concept, and 13 hot guys in SUIT. Oh God.. I am not irresistible to the temptation.

Well, the style was inspired by the awesome tknk@deviantart. Her gallery will tear your eyes away.. T^T (I'm soooooo jealouuuuss.....).

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