Spring Child

(c) Mira Tazkia, 2010.

I haven't updated this blog for sometime, pardon me.. I am getting a full-time job as 2D artist in an animation studio in Jakarta, so it was so rarely that I have a spare time. However, my work-schedule had been put on easy flow now, so I can make something again :)

Here's a piece I made to join
Wacom contest, with theme anything anime/manga.

I was running of ideas or inspiration, so I began with something that I like.. hands. FYI, I have some fetish to hands (not that kind of fetish, mind you.. I just like to draw human hands. I think they are so beautiful), so I was thinking to make something that could be hold by hand. So there it is : the spring love-child that you can grab! :P

I'm not sure that I'll win the contest, since I think the color could have been better, but well.. que sera-sera, whatever will be, will be. Wish me luck! ^^


And now I have my own Wacom Intuos 4 Medium with me.. YAY! XD

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