Layar Terkembang : Illustrated Novel

All illustrations and images above are (c) Mira Tazkia, 2009.

This is my Final Project in university life, the one which I made to fulfill the requirement of graduation and earned my academic title.

Layar Terkembang (Broading Sail) is one of Indonesian old classic literature novel, written by Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana in 1936. He was the founder and one of the most known author of Pujangga Baru generation. The novel itself was placed in romance category, and being a must-read book for Indonesia Literature subject trough middle and high schools here. I once thought this book was just all about romance, it surprised me when I found feminism was actually the main theme in here.

The story is about two sisters with very different personality named Tuti and Maria. Tuti was the smart one, highly educated, an activist for the new-found feminism action, and she was a very logical woman. But she was very cynical and rigid. Her little sister, maria, was the opposite. She wasn't that bright, and seems to use her heart more than her brain. But she was beautiful, cheerful, and loveable. One day, the two sisters met a young man named Yusuf, an energetic medical student. As the story went, they would involved in a triangle love, and how Tuti and Maria influencing each other, and how the term feminism could be broaden into the form of ordinary domestic women.

For the artwork, I have a hard time to town down my ordinary manga-esque drawing style and brought it to more realistic yet classic style. I learned again how to make a correct proportion of Indonesian native people, I searched the era's fashion and lifestyle, tried many drawing and coloring media, etc. In the end, I used digital coloring in my pencil sketches to make the whole artworks. Not my best work, but I do enjoyed the process and I learned so much form it <3


  1. itu ada berapa halaman ? kamu ilustrasi semua? D:

  2. yup... aku bikin semua ilustrasinya.. ada mungkin 30-an lebih ilustrasi termasuk yg kecil2 buat sisipan. berapa halaman yah.. ngak tau juga tuh, niatnya sih sebuku2nya.. tapi ngak ada duit buat ngeprintnya :P

    *layoutnya sucks karna udah keburu capek ngerjain ilustrasinya :P

  3. Myr i much prefer your style here! I know, its hard to shake off the manga style, but your own personal touch is much nicer :) <3

  4. thanks so much, shrym :huggies

  5. jadi pengen punya bukunya...
    nostalgia pelajaran sastra Indonesia sewaktu smu.. :D
    suka deh sama warna2nya... berkesan nostalgia

  6. ini jg sadisss..
    style retro dg tone yg lembut..

    total berapa halaman tuh?!?!

  7. @malya : bukunya udah susah dicari.. T^T gwa aja dapetnya harus fotokopi gituh.. sayang yah, sastra lama kita susah dicari ginih..

    @masova : makasiiih T^T
    totalnya berapa halaman yah... hmm... kalo ama teksnya mungkin 200an lebih.. tapi cuma ngeprint paling 20-an.. bokek soalnya :P