My Own Wedding Invitation

So... yeah.. I'm married now, entitled to be Mrs. Greymendra. Wow.
Anyway, like any insane designer do, I designed my own wedding invitation, especially since I work in that field full-time now. Me and my man love all things simple, so it's natural we also want a simple invitation, unlike common wedding invitation here that speak glamour and glitz.

I chose white, pink, and gold as my theme color, and I tried to incorporate them in here. The set only has 1 main card, printed both sides in black ink and rose gold foil with emboss and a bit of rose gold ink as accent. A smaller card was map, printed in black ink, and the verses 21 of Ar Rum from Holy Quran on the other side. It had cute pink ribbon attach to it to make sure people notice it.

I draw the illustration my self, using his and my photo as references. I actually made 2 sketches, the casual one and the wedding-version one. My parents suggested that I use the casual one since it reflect me and him more. And they were right, like always :).

Anyway, here's the original casual sketches :

I edited it a bit for the invitation, although our friends and comrade still said I'm too thin in pic. Hahaha.. 
and here is us in our wedding outfit :

Yeah, I used Suntiang (a heavy skyrocketed, 9 tiered head pieces made from metals) from the reception, though a modern-modified now, since my husband come from Minang culture. And the wedding outfit sketches absolutely too fancy to be put in the invitation, and it also ruin the surprise element of the dress.
And btw, I wear PINK kebaya for the reception, and my poor husband had no choice but put gold-pink beskap (Indonesian traditional groom dress), to match my kebaya ^^.

Working my own wedding invitiation was a bless and curse at the same time It was fun.. but gave me headache with the printing techniques required. But after all, I truly enjoy it.


All artworks and images above are (c) Mira Tazkia, 2012.
Please do not use or edit it in any form.
Thank you.

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