Sasa and Triple Billies

(c) Mira Tazkia, 2009

This is my (not so) old lineart, which was about to be forgotten.. But I think this piece is a nice exercise to bring back my mood to create some artwork ^^

I got the inspiration from my (once) a pet, a gold fish I named Billie. He was a very very cute fish, and he loved to play dead in his mini aquarium. But my cutie little Billie was dead now T^T..

.. I miss him.

Sasa is my beloved little cousin, 11 years younger than me, who has a thick, long black very curly hair. She loves anything princess, and recently she got addicted to anime and manga (ok, I was the one to blame) ^__^;. I still love to cuddling and kissing her even now when she is bigger than me now. She's just too cute! X3

I want this pic to give a happy feeling to people who see it..

Because, Sasa and Billie give happiness to me :D


  1. hehe.. makasih loh yu..

    ternyata lo ada blog juga yah?
    gwa link ke blog ini yak? :D

  2. what makes an art becomes wonderful is the story behind the work. it turns it magically to something meaningful.

    The first time I saw this drawing, I felt no emotion. Only enjoying a good drawing. But after I read your story, suddenly the mood came then drag me to its happiness as you drawn it beautifully through the story..

    Keep drawing mir! You're very talented. :)

  3. aduh riaa... dikau membuatku tersanjuung.. XDDD
    Makasih yaah.. *hug

    eh, kapan nih mau bekpeking bareng keliling indonesia?